Needle/Hook Roll Grab Bag

Needle/Hook Roll Grab Bag

Need a way to organize your crafting life? These adorable needle & hook rolls made by Karen of MonkeyMuffin are just what you've been needing!


They include 10 slots for needle/hook storage as well as a space to write which size is in each slot. They roll up into a compact size for storage/travel & will work for straight needles, circular needles & crochet hooks. Karen makes each roll by hand out of high-quality quilting material so they'll keep your crafting supplies looking great for years to come!


This listing will only be active until the end of January so get your order in while you can!


To get your Grab Bag roll

Simply select your color range preference & add it to the cart. You can add as many rolls as you'd like, if I run into an issue with finding a suitible roll to fit your preference I will contact you with other options or I will offer you a refund for the ones that I am are unable to ship.

  • Style Preference Descriptions


    Random selection featuring Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Star Wars, etc.



    Random selection featuring Dogs, Sheep, Cats, etc.



    Random selection featuring various floral patterns.


    Surprise me!

    Leave the difficult choices to me, I'll select a beautiful roll to package & send you.